There are two kinds of beings that practice witchcraft, witches or the natural-born and wiccans. The sole difference is that one is born into the power and the other has to learn it. Below are the different classifications.

Witches are a matriarchal species. They worship the Goddess, also known as Mother Nature or the Moon. This is a throwback to Fae culture, which is also matriarchal.




Witches are born. Always. They are a hybrid supernatural resulting from the mixed breeding of a Jinn/Genie and a human. In essence, they are a very diluted Fairy. One of your parents must be a Genie, a Witch or a Wiccan for you to be classified as a witch. (See diagram courtesy of Family Echo, below.) A witch’s powers manifest by the time they are toddlers, however, full use of their powers do not occur until puberty.

In the time in-between infancy and puberty, the child can tap into all possibilities of magic. That is to say, they have not honed in on specialty and are about sample them all. This is a dangerous time for a family. A caste that practices no defensive magic is left vulnerable. It is draining on the family and most keep their offspring to two, three at the most.

Some may even send their children to be fostered at another witch’s home, especially if the child exhibits a magical specialty that neither parent has. (It is extremely rare that a child’s magic is vastly different than his or her parents.)

Witches with a human parent are usually female. It is atypical to find a male witch with a human parent. It is not known why but many speculate it is because female witches are quicker to pick a specialty and less volatile, making it easier for the human parent to cope. These households tend to be single parent as the Supernatural parent, if a Jinn, will not stay to help raise the child. Centuries of incarceration have made them nomadic in nature.

A witch’s lifespan is the same as a human and there are no obvious biological differences between a witch and a human.


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Conjuring. This is the first indication that you are a witch. It is the first thing you “learn” to do. Parents should look for signs of disappearing/reappearing toys. It starts small, items that will fit in an adult hand. It is recommended that parents buy wands for their pubescent witches. A large amount of power is unlocked all at once and a wand will help a fledgling witch focus that energy.

Spell casting. Casting small spells, such as fire and ice spells are normal as a witch becomes familiar with the elementals. The easiest element for a witch is air, for “as long as there is breath there is air,” and you will find that is where the myth of flying broomsticks come from. Over the years, witches have embraced that lore and will use an actual broom as transportation. They even have ones with training wheels for their children! A popular game has evolved involving the element of air and a sturdy broom.

List of common spells:

  • Bewitching Rain
  • Conversion Ritual
  • Magical Upgrade

Curses and Charms. Along with conjuring and spell casting, a witch can create curses and charms. This is where the Golden Rule comes into effect. Depending on what your intentions are, your curse or charm will effect you the same way, but worse.

A witch’s powers can be bound or stripped from them, turning them human (for all intents and purposes). This will not effect their genetics though and children of these witches will be witches themselves (depending on the other parent’s genes). A witch with this problem can become a Wiccan if they choose. (They usually don’t but that is a pride thing mostly.)

A witch is strongest and their powers are most potent on a full moon. And the most powerful moon is a Witch’s moon.

Also, witch’s have natural defenses against other types of Supernaturals and most magically attacks will backfire is used on a witch by a non-witch.



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Wiccans are the same as witches, except that they are human. Theoretically, you can use witchcraft at any age, however one does not typically see a human younger than 13 practicing magic they are not born with. There are a few ways to learn witchcraft:

  1. A spell book
  2. Alchemy
  3. Elixirs

*These last two types of magic-users are more modernly called alchemists.

A Wiccan will not learn as quickly as a natural born witch but in all other things they are equal. Given a proper spell book, a Wiccan can learn some of the most forbidden spells in witchcraft, like the Haunting Curse, the Pestilence Curse and the Reanimation Ritual.



Killing a witch is unadvised. If you’re going to foolishly try to kill a witch, make sure you do it quickly. Do not aim for a slow death because given time, a witch can cast a death spell. The soul is the most powerful energy on earth. If a witch is desperate enough, they can use the escape of their own soul to cast a spell. The end result can be catastrophic.

Witch Genealogy

Witch/Wiccan Genealogy Chart

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