Disclaimer: This blog is intended for a mature audience. Its contents may include adult situations, violence and sensitive issues that some people might find disturbing. I try my best to mark in what chapters this content will appear. Please pay close attention to red highlighted text. These warnings will always appear before the start of a chapter. Any likenesses to other people/places/Sims is purely coincidental unless noted on the Credits page. All story ideas are my own.

Please read at your own discretion.

Gen 1: Searching For Home

Rating: PG due to subject matter and language. Contains the death of a young person. Read at your discretion.

Gen 2: Witch Bound

Rating: PG for language. The sub-story about Caleb is rated R for sexual violence, sexual content and language. Read at your own discretion.

Gen 3.3: Eternal

Rating: PG13 for subject matter and language. Read at your own discretion.