Liebster Award


Thank you to the amazing littlesims2chick, writer of Perfection, and MrsOogieBoogie aka Simcomix of The Insane Dubois Legacy for nominating me for this award. I’ve never been awarded anything before. Thank you both very much!

Edit to add:

legendofsim, writer of A Graying World, Jazen from Kiss of a Vampire, lilyparker of Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge!

Some more edits!

Sandy of Listening to My Heart and DandyLion40 of The Van Winkle Legacy. Thank you so very much for the nomination. ::smooches and squishy hugs::

I am feeling extremely overwhelmed here! Thank you all so much!

The Liebster Award is a way of bloggers supporting other bloggers.
The rules for receiving this award are to:
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.


Sandybeachgirl for Listening to My Heart 

ValoisFulcanelli for The Madness of Mr. Goth

lilyparkersims for Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge

MoonlightandSims for A Pair of Brown Eyes

lovesstorms for The Ramsey Wishacy

goatkibble for Debit Family

Spladoum for A One Time Thing

littlesims2chick’s questions are as follows:

1.) What do you love most about writing?
The voices stop. lol This is a tough question. I don’t really know how to answer it, mostly because I’ve always been a writer, it just took me a while to feel comfortable calling myself that. I love written and spoken word. I love the way it allows us humans to connect to one another.
2.) What is one quality from one of your characters that you wish you could posses?
Dre’s sense of self. He is confident in what he knows, what he doesn’t know and how he feels. He’s a bit brash but he’s always 100% true to himself.
3.) If a director wanted to use your story for a movie would you allow them… Yes or no? Why or why not? And if you would, is there anything in your story you would change plot-wise, or character-wise like appearance and the setting?
Sure, why not? I don’t particularly think my stuff would translate will onto the screen but the worse that could happen is that it bombed. Whatever. (I would curl up and cry.) I would tighten up my plot throughout all the generations. I didn’t have a plan for this in the beginning so a lot of the connections happened by the sheer grace of God.
4.) Do you set limits for yourself as far as raunchiness goes? (Ie: Nudity, violence, sex, language)
I used to and I kind of try to tone it down but it’s getting worse every generation! I do try to keep in mind who my readers are and what their comfort levels are.
5.) If someone you know in real life were to find your blog would you feel embarrassed? Even if you know the person well and there’s nothing too ‘risque’ on your blog?
Yes and no. Everyone who is important to me knows there is a story. I don’t even particularly try to hide it. But I would be incredibly uncomfortable if they wanted to discuss it with me. My blog is a bit risque but so are my friends. It’s the Sims part that gets to me. I don’t think they would understand.
6.) If there’s one character you could spend a day being who would it be, why, and what would you do?
Aaliyah (post Rae coming back). She had it good. Living the life. And she had Antonio. Duh!
7.) When and what made you start writing?
I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always written. Whether prose or poetry.
8.) What are some other things that you like to do in your free time?
Read. Watch TV. Hang out with family and friends.
9.) Would you rather have a lesson learned within your story or just tell your story and let it stand for what it is whether or not there’s a lesson to be learned?
The latter. I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself. It’s a story about a family. Nothing heroic or fantastical. They just are.
10.) Do you feel like you have a specific writing style?
No. It’s still too early for that. I need to hone my craft a lot more before I can say that.
11.) How do you think you’ve evolved creatively and do you think writing has changed your outlook on life?
Evolved… I think I’m more confident in my ability to tell a story beginning to end. I think my range in characterization has improved and my plots are better. I think my writing and my outlook on life are divorced from each other. I can write happy or sad or angry and not be in real life.

MrsOogieBoogie’s Questions:

1] In everyday life, how often do you find yourself thinking about your story or your characters (when you’re not working on it)?

Oh, all the time! When I’m on my way to work, especially. I guess I write best in the mornings when my brain is still half-asleep!

2] How did you come up with your idea to start your story/legacy? Was it something you wanted to do for a while, or did it just come to you out of the blue?

Very out of the blue. A friend made Antonio for me and I thought I’d write her a little love story. Didn’t even know there was a whole community until later. Much later.

3] What’s your process in bringing in new characters? How do you choose their traits and their personality?

Most of my characters are random CAS experiments. I do most of my characterizations in CAS. Take Matias King for example. I had no idea he was going to be important later on. I just created his family for random gameplay. Then his dad’s traits were iffy at best (random roll) and his lifetime wish was to be a criminal mastermind. I created a little bio for him and his wife. Once I started Gen 3, his family popped into my head and I thought… ah-ha!

4] What’s your favorite view to write? First, Second, or Third person?

Third. Mostly because it allows me to shift in and out very easily. I can do first person pretty well, but only in short bursts.

5] What are your favorite worlds to play in?

hmmm, I like Moonlight Falls because of the mountains but I default a lot to Sunlit Tides. Mostly for gameplay saves. It’s just more relaxing and calm. For family creation (siblings, grandparents, aunt, uncles – I like Evansdale.

6] What are your favorite types of stories to read? What interests you the most?

I like one-off stories. They can go on forever because you’re not required to move on to other generations. I tend towards the darker stories as well. The ones that ask me to root for the bad guy, even if he/she doesn’t deserve it.

7] Which character in your story can you say you relate to the most?

Rae. That feeling of being unable to trust someone completely because of past experiences but nevertheless allowing someone to hold your heart because you know the best things in life are worth fighting for.

8] What are the five traits that worst describe you?

Neat, Green Thumb, Rebellious, Genius, Natural Cook (is that one of the traits?)

9] If you could go back and change how you wrote your story, so that it would’ve gone in a completely different direction, would you? Why/Why not?

No. I can’t imagine my characters letting me get away with something like that. I’d never be able to pick up a pen again. Pure silence.

10] Does your style of clothing ever come through in your characters? Or do you dress them how you think they themselves would dress?

My Sims always end up looking preppy. I don’t know why, I certainly don’t dress that way. I do try to dress them as themselves though. Aaliyah is understated but classy. Dre is very minimal and casual, Tony is buttoned up and dark. Eva loves color. I don’t know. I try.

11] What is something in game that your Sim does to others that you wish you could do in real life? No consequences or repercussions?

Tony is very blunt. He just can’t see the need for pretense and hates small talk. I wish I could be more like that. But part of my job is customer service. I couldn’t get away with something like that. Nope!

LegendofSims’s questions:

1. Sims has a lot of quirky things that aren’t possible in real life. If you could choose one thing (for example, traveling to the future) what would you choose?
 Cleaning. Of my house and myself. If I could have clean clothes and a clean house always, it would make everything so much better!
2. Name one NPC in any town that you’d like to be best friends with, and explain why.
 Oh, I have no idea. I don’t really know any. Perhaps Bella Bachelor as a child and Deandre as an adult.
3. Legacy/isbi/plotted story etc….what is your favorite sims challenge and why?
I like Legacies that are plotted stories. I’ve always been a fan of serials. But I need a good story to keep me interested.
4. If you could be a berry sim, would you? (Colorfu;l sims with food names)
LOL YES! I’d be white with red spots and my name would Pizzeria but everyone would call me pizza! (hhhhmmmmm IDEAS!)
5. Quick, you’re trapped in an elevator with five sims from your last chapter. Who are they and what would most likely happen?
From my last chapter? Kieran, Lorde, Tony, Riley and Gracie.
“Daddy, fix it!” Gracie said, holding on to Kieran’s hand tightly.
“I’m trying, Gracie. Just give me a minute.” Tony and Riley were bent over the elevator’s fuse box, working on the wiring.
“Please, please fix it. I don’t like it in here.”
Gracie’s sobs grew louder and Kieran bent down to whisper in the little girl’s ear. “It will be alright, Gracie. Your daddy is trying but we need you to calm down.”
“No! I want to get out. Now!”
Riley stood up and walked over to her. “Grace, stop crying, sweetheart. It will be okay.” He reached for her but she pulled back, holding on tighter to Kieran’s hand. Sighing, Riley went back to the fuse box.
Gracie’s sobs continued and Kieran could do nothing but hold her and let her cry. He thought Lorde was coming over to do the same thing but was shocked when she instead smack his cousin.
“Stop whining. You are not helping the situation. You are not a small child anymore.”
All three men stared at her in shock. But Riley was the first to recover.
“Don’t you ever lay a hand on my children again!” He pushed past her and scooped Gracie up into his arms.
Kieran grabbed Lorde and pulled her to a corner. “What the hell were you thinking?”
“The little brat stopped crying didn’t she?” Her lips pressed into a grime line as his hands tightened on her wrist. “You can let go of me now. And for your information, I’m claustrophobic. Something you would have known if you’d bothered to ask me how I was doing.”
Before Kieran could say anything, there was a slight ping and the elevator lurched back into motion. Pulling away from him, Lorde went to stand by the doors. Ready to make her escape as soon as possible.
6. Is writing only a hobby of yours or do you plan on making a career out of it?
Currently, it’s an obsession. I do not think my writing is good enough for publishing. Maybe some day, but not today.
7. More sims questions because I think its fun. If you could MARRY any of your sims, who would it be and why?
Tony. Because I think he’s just so awesome. He has this dry humor and just seems real chill. I highly doubt he’d be interested in me though! lol
8. Why do you write?
The same reason people breathe.
9. Your favorite thing about the simming/writing community (Let’s spread some positivity)?
Most of us are extremely welcoming and open. I’ve yet to see someone put down another writer, no matter what the subject content is. We are always willing to read anything, comment or critique anything. We’re a friendly bunch!
10. How would you feel if you found out you were a video game character and someone was controlling and documenting your life? (If you put it like that…LOL)
Well, I’d say my Maker is an evil bastard and then hope that I’m in a Romance novel with a happily-ever-after. Hopefully with someone who looks like my past Sim spouses. Simple really. I would however want to know if I could have a reroll of some of my traits. lol
11. Finally, any upcoming spoilers you want to share in your story? 😉
Spoilers…hmmm Well, Alistair has 5 children. One of them dies. (But is that really a surprise?? LOL)

lilyparker’s Questions:

1)  What scene in your story caused the most controversy among your readers?

I don’t think that’s happened yet. I have caused some distress though. Usually when someone dies unexpectedly.

2)  Where do you find inspiration for story lines?

Books, TV shows, movies, other stories. I tuck pieces of information away and then they just sort of come back when I need them.

3)  Do you have any other story ideas brewing besides the blogs you’re currently publishing?

No. I’m very focused on this legacy. I have several stories about Sims that haven’t been born yet lol but it’s all in the same theme and storyline.

4)  What is your favorite type of scene to write?

Breakups and angsty scenes. I am an evil, evil, goddess. Also, lead ups to sex scenes, although I rarely publish those. I find that my characters are vulnerable in ways that really help me understand them more.

To clarify, not the sex itself because I’m still super awkward with that but those intimate moments right before… yeah. I learn their weaknesses and then I CRUSH them! MWHAHAHAHA

5)  Do you think your story would be any different if you didn’t use The Sims to illustrate it? Does it help you or constrain you?

A little bit. The pictures tend to reign me back when I start to overdo a scene. There are certain things I cannot show and so I have to rework the wording to fit the images. My writing would be a lot more descriptive if I didn’t have pictures.

6)  What types of stories do you like to read (books, blogs, etc.)?

Books, blogs. My attention span is on par with a 3 year-olds right now so I’m big on tumblr these days.

7)  Have you ever received any great writing advice that you’d like to pass along? Or, do you have advice of your own to share?

Write for yourself. If you do, then your work will only ever get better. Don’t rely on other people to make plot decisions for you. Everything would always end up happily-ever-after. And where’s the fun in that?

8)  If you were to spot one of your male characters across the room without knowing anything about him, which one would be most likely to catch your eye, and why? (No one is off limits. Assume you’re both single and that he’s straight and of the appropriate age for you. I’m not leaving out all those hot gay guys in your blogs. They’re fair game for the purposes of this question. And, if your favorite is a teenager, assume you’re one, too.)

I want to say Connor because he was specifically made to be a spouse. All the others were sort of lying around and I said, “I choose you!” But Connor was engineered. However, if I was looking around a room and saw all my Sim men walking around, Matias King would stand out. Yeah, gimme some Matt!

9)  Repeat of question 8, but please choose a male character from any blog you read, and you can factor in his personality this time. (Make me fall in love with another character!)

Dylan from goatkibble’s Debit Family. OMG… there is just something about him that calls to me! Yup. Dylan. And Rocker!Valois from The Madness of Mr. Goth. hmmm…YAAASSSS

10)  How long have you been playing The Sims?

4 years now according to the sims website. Lord!

11)  Have you written from both male and female points of view? If so, which do you prefer, and why?

Yes, I have. Male. Definitely male. I tend to make the females whiny. ::eyeroll:: I have to work on that.

Jazen’s Questions:

1. How would you achieve world peace? (yes I’m laughing as I type that LOL)

0.o iono… Umm, start all over.

2. Vanilla game or CC user? Why?

CC user. I’ve been shifting over ever since EA stopped adding new content. It’s more stable now.

3. Do you prefer to make your own sims for your stories or use sims made by friends?

I tend to make my own but none of my heirs are really just mine. Antonio was made for me by someone else. So really, she and I co-founded everyone!

4. Do you ever think you’ll stop writing sim stories, or playing the game?

Probably. Once my computer can’t handle the game anymore or I lose my inspiration. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a while yet.

5. Have you ever had your story veer off course from what you originally planned?

Oh yes. From Gen 1! Supernatural came out and all of a sudden, it went from a simple Legacy Story to this weird Supernatural/thriller/crime thing. I just go with the flow.

6. If you were a sim, what would be your traits?

Bookworm, socially awkward, artistic (for my mad writing skills), dramatic, nerd

7. What is your favorite sims EP?

Generations. Love family-centric stuff

8. What is your least favorite EP?

Showtime. I have yet to really use that EP.

9. If you were stranded on an island, what (or who) would you want with you?

The Castle from Beauty and the Beast. Including all the talking appliances. Sans Belle and the Beast.

10. How long do you spend writing or rewriting a chapter before you publish it?

Anywhere from 2 days to a month. I’m either really inspired or it takes forever.

11. What is the 1 store set that EA created that you can’t do without? 

The compilation that had the kids bedrooms. Love that set!

Sandybeachgirl’s Questions:
1. Do any writers inspire you? Blog writers or novel writers?
I’m inspired everyday by things I read. Simmers are the most creative group of people I’ve ever met and they share that creativity freely. I guess I’m more in awe than anything!
2. When you have writers block, do you plow through it and keep writing or do you take a step back and take a break?
I take a step back. I’ve learned that forcing the issue only leads to bad (or worse, in my case lol) writing. I do other things, like fill in the family tree with extended members or write drabbles or scroll through tumblr (current obsession).
3. Are there other types of stories you’re interested in writing? Some other genre that you’d like to try writing for?
No. The beauty about legacy writing is that it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with each new generation. If I want more action, then I can add that. A bit of murder mystery? Sure, why not! It’s very versatile.
4. Do you do any character development before you start writing for a character or do you figure the character out as you write for them?
Mostly during CAS if I am building the Sim or during gameplay if it’s a born-in-game Sim. Their traits, skills and wishes all help to define who they become as adults.
5. How much editing do you do for your story? Is it an ongoing process? Do you have many drafts for your chapters?
It’s definitely an ongoing process. I don’t save drafts, I edit one document until it’s the finished version on MS, then add pictures (or add them as I go), then I copy/paste into wordpress. I do one or two more editing sweeps and then hit or schedule a time to publish.
6. Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever gotten inspiration for a scene for your story? 
Mostly on the subway while listening to spotify. Song lyrics… they are chock full of inspiration!
7. If you could live with any one of your characters who would you choose, where would you live, and why?
Tony. Wherever he wanted. Gadgets! Lots and lots of toys and crazy things to play with. Plus, he’s not big on small talk so he would leave me alone, I would leave him and Riley alone (pssht, how could there be no Riley?? I’m not a monster!) and we would be happy.
8. What was the thing that sparked your interest and pushed you to start writing your story?
My friend made me a Sim. She made me Anthony and I wrote a story as a thank you. That was Gen 1. LOL
9. If you write a legacy, which is your favorite generation and why? If you write a story that isn’t a legacy, what is your favorite chapter and why?
I really liked Gen 3. I liked the three viewpoints. I loved Tony and Riley, who were happy accidents really. I loved the plots I came up with. I feel like my story exploded in Gen 3.
10. What is your favorite line in your story? Why?
Oh gosh. I don’t know! Ummmmm…
I have room in my heart for a lot of people. For you, my family, my friends, and for Franco. But you are the only one I have room for in my soul.
11. What is one thing that has surprised you about your story? Has it taken a different direction than you thought? Have readers reacted different than you imagined?
I never thought it would be so long lasting. I figured a quick short story and then I’d be done. Before The Torres Legacy, I’d only ever finished one story. I didn’t know I had all these endings in me.

 DandyLion240’s Questions: (Answers to come. I need sustenance!)
1) Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
2) Do you use the sims as a basis for your stories or do you use it to illustrate the story?
3) Do you ever base your characters off of real people you know?
4) Do you plot out your stories from start to finish? or are you a seat of the pants writer? Writing what comes to mind without any plot?
5) What is your favorite character you have ever written?
6) Which sims game do you like best? 1,2,3 or 4?
7) Do you have a favorite town you like to use for your stories?
8) Which POV do you prefer to write in?
9) Do you write out character profiles? If you do, do you do it before or after you’ve started writing for that character?
10) Where do you come up with the names you use for your characters?
11) Do you have a set schedule to write?

My Questions:
1) The scene you love the most from your story and why it’s your favorite.
2) A character you wish you’d never created.
3) How did your story come to pass? Did you write it on purpose or was it a happy accident?
4) Would you ever think about publishing your story?
5) How does your writing process begin? Do you have a routine, a schedule or does it just flow whenever?
6) What is the weirdest plot idea you’ve ever had?
7) Does your family/friends support your writing?
8) Did you always want to write?
9) Happily-ever-after or no?
10) Name a character from another story you would like to make an appearance in your own.
11) If you had to start all over again, would you change anything about your story? If so, what?

8 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. LilyParker says:

    Finally had a chance to catch up on some reading today. 🙂

    LegendofSims Questions:

    Love that answer! I was asked something similar and wish I would’ve thought of that. I remember Hannah, Jill’s genie daughter, being able to make everything clean and sparkly. Now, that’s the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂
    OMG … What an awesome scene! Of course, I want to smack Lorde, but that’s what you wanted me to feel.
    You’d marry Tony? I know you love him, but you said Matt was your boo. 😛
    Kieran’s going to have 5 children? Lots of drama to come, then.

    My Questions:

    Yes, you are an evil goddess! I knew you enjoyed making us squirm.
    Aha! I knew it would be Matt! You love Tony’s sensitive soul, but Matt is eye candy you can’t resist. 😛
    Aren’t you glad I removed all restrictions? I wasn’t expecting Dylan, but Rocker!Valois? Mm-hmm, yup. Saw that one coming a mile away. They’re both free spirits and walk on the wild side. What’s that say about you, T? LOL

    Sandybeachgirl’s Questions:

    I’d have to agree. That was an awesome, drama-packed generation!
    That was one damn fine line, sistah. Good choice.


    • LilyParker says:

      Oh, crap. It took out all the question #’s I included. How are you supposed to know what I’m talking about? WordPress is evil. I, however, am clever. 😛 Before I hit ‘post comment’ I always copy the text in case something goes kaflooey. So here are the question #’s: LOS – 1, 5, 7, 11; Mine – 4, 8, 9; SBG – 9, 10.


    • Taina says:

      Tony has gadgets Lily. GADGETS!! Can you imagine? I would spend all day working on my novels on a holographic computer and whenever the game wasn’t doing what I wanted it to, he would just fix it!

      I gotta go with Tony. And because there is no Tony without Riley, it’s a two-for-one! It would be an open marriage. I’d invite Matt over daily!


      • LilyParker says:

        Silly me — thinking of LOVE over GADGETS! I guess I assumed it was an all-or-nothing deal. True, though, this wasn’t a deserted island question, which is where my mind went. What’s this open marriage business? Now you have me thinking all sorts of things! Evil genius. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        • Taina says:

          LOL All I’m saying is, I would lock down Tony and his genius mind. Riley would keep him occupied and Matt and I… well, Matt and I would work on those babies he never got to have… Win win win win!

          As for love, Sandy sent me over a Sim whom I’ve built a life with and would never leave no matter what. I’m currently preggers for him right now. Maybe I’ll post some of that gameplay over on tumblr…

          Liked by 1 person

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