Gen 4: A Thousand Words

Rating: PG13 for subject matter and language. Read at your own discretion.

Character Spotlights:

Alistair Kieran Torres | Lorde Lawson | Claire Darnell


Prologue: An Affair of the Heart

Chapter One: Introductions

Sessions: Introductions

Chapter Two: Habits

Sessions: Habits

Chapter Three: One Life

Sessions: One Life

Chapter Four: Lucky

Sessions: Lucky

Chapter Five: Heart

Chapter Six: Marry You

Sessions: Marry You

Chapter Seven: With You

Chapter Eight: unHappy Days

Sessions: unHappy Days

Chapter Nine: Break Even

Sessions: Break Even

Chapter Ten: Coming Home

Sessions: Coming Home

Chapter Eleven: Little Do They Know

Sessions: Little Do They Know

Sessions: Over the Love

Chapter Twelve: Over the Love

Visits: Safe & Sound

Chapter Thirteen: Safe & Sound

Interlude: Plans

Chapter Fourteen: Only if for a Night

Interlude: Preparations

Chapter Fifteen: Don’t Say a Word

Chapter Sixteen: Bad Intentions

Sessions: Bad Intentions


Interlude: Vigil

Chapter Seventeen: Promises

Interlude: Promises

Interlude: Peace

Chapter Eighteen: Bed Peace

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