Gen 2: Witch Bound

Rating: PG for language. The sub-story about Caleb is rated R for sexual violence, sexual content and language. Read at your own discretion.

Character Spotlights:

Rae Rose Torres | Connor J. London

Rebecca Romajin | Connor E. London | Andrei D. London



Chapter One: Rainswept

Chapter Two: Firsts

Chapter Three: If You Knew Then….What You Know Now

Chapter Four: Blueprints and Beginnings

Chapter Five: The Road Not Taken

Chapter Six: Then Comes Marriage

Chapter Seven: Falling Apart

Chapter Eight: Eva Louise Torres

Chapter Nine: Unearthing

Chapter Ten: the Stone Heart

Chapter Eleven: Homecoming

Chapter Twelve: Soulmates

Chapter Thirteen: Witch Moon

Chapter Fourteen: Curses and Cures

Chapter Fifteen: The First

Chapter Sixteen: Hope

Chapter Seventeen: Time Part I

Chapter Eighteen: Burn

Chapter Nineteen: Time Part II

Chapter Twenty: The End


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