World Building

General Information about this little world I’m creating.

In a world where vampires…just kidding! Well, not really. So, my story starts in the present and goes into the future. It could not be helped. It is a legacy story after all. I have tried to avoid actually mentioning dates but do not be surprised to discover that a story takes place several decades from now. As such, technology will advance. By how much and how fast is entirely up to the characters and what the story calls for.

The existence of supernatural beings is a highly kept secret. One that they have no qualms about keeping, by any means necessary. Their population is about 1/3 that of humans. This is a naturally occurring balance, with surges and lulls. Several castes of Supernaturals live long lives and therefore do not need to breed like humans do. Others have shorter lifespans.

Below is a breakdown of each known caste.


Non-Supernaturals (Occult)


List of Supernaturals:

  1. Fae/Fairies
  2. Jinn/Genies
  3. Mermaids/Mermen
  4. Vampires
  5. Werewolves
  6. Witches (Natural-born)

List of Occults:

  1. Ghosts
  2. Human with Fae Blood (HFB)
  3. Mummys
  4. Wiccans
  5. Zombies


  1. Extraterrestrials/Aliens
  2. Imaginary Friends
  3. PlantSims

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