Welcome to The Torres Legacy

This Legacy started out as a way to thank my friend Kim for creating my Sim, Antonio Torres. I liked him so much, that I created Aaliyah to be his wife. What started as a simple thank you short story became a journey into a craft that I thought I would never use. Thank you to everyone who reads this legacy. Please leave a comment, I welcome the feedback. Click on the images to get to the chapters!

Generation One: Antonio Torres

Antonio Torres

Meet Antonio Torres. He is a landscaper who lives in Appaloosa Plains. His world is turned upside down by a chance meeting with a princess. What happens next is a story about the power of absolute love.

Generation Two: Rae Rose Torres

Rae Rose Torres

Rae Rose Torres knows that life isn’t perfect. She never wanted perfect, just a life. But how much can a person take before enough is enough? All she wants is that elusive happiness. Yet she may be her own worst enemy.

Generation Three: Eva Louise Torres London

Eva wants nothing more than to not be like her parents, and so far it’s working. She knows love doesn’t conquer all. In fact, sometimes love is the reason marriages fail. Love someone too much and you open yourself to hurt. At least that’s what experience taught her. She never thought she’d be proven wrong.

Generation Three: Andrei Heron London

“Death is a constant friend at my side.” For Dre, that statement described his life completely. When death comes knocking on the door of a loved one yet again, will it be the final straw?

Generation Three: Anthony Jacob London

Tony has always been the “normal” London child, but when an unfortunate side effect of his mother’s past manifests, he will learn that sometimes, being normal is overrated.

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