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Generation 1: Searching for Home (excuse the photo mismatch – I am retaking photos)

Chapter 1: It Began with a Tree
Chapter 2: Searching
Chapter 3: Discovery
Chapter 4: Pretty Little Things
Chapter 5: Big Surprises
Chapter 6: Rae Rose Torres
Chapter 7: New Beginnings
Chapter 8: Full Circle
Chapter 9: Eventual Changes
Chapter 10: Fresh Start
Chapter 11: Family Tree
Chapter 12: Blooming Roses
Chapter 13: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Chapter 14: Death and Rebirth

Generation 2: Witch Bound

Chapter 1: Rainswept
Chapter 2: Firsts
Chapter 3: If You knew Then…What You Know Now
Chapter 4: Blueprints and Beginnings
Chapter 5: The Road Not Taken
Chapter 6: Then Comes Marriage
Chapter 7: Falling Apart
Chapter 8: Eva Louise Torres
Chapter 9: Unearthing
Chapter 10: The Stone Heart
Chapter 11: Homecoming
Chapter 12: Soulmates
Chapter 13: Witch Moon
Chapter 14: Curses and Cures
Chapter 15: The First
Chapter 16: Hope
Chapter 17: Time Part I
Chapter 18: Burn
Chapter 19: Time Part II
Chapter 20: The End

Generation 3 (Want to read it in chronological order? Click Here)

Generation 3: The Reaping

Chapter 1: A Ghost Story
Chapter 2: Parentheses
Chapter 3: 100 Years
Chapter 4: Video Games
Chapter 5: My Fault
Chapter 6: Radioactive
Chapter 7: So Easily
Chapter 8: Ego
Chapter 9: Fallen
Chapter 10: Wake Me Up
Chapter 11: Bravado
Chapter 12: Sanguine Part I
Chapter 13: Sanguine Part II

Generation 3: Eternal

Chapter 1: Sail
Chapter 2: Let Her Go
Chapter 3: Life
Chapter 4: Say You Like Me
Chapter 5: Through the Dark
Chapter 6: Heartlines
Chapter 7: What the Water Gave Me
Chapter 8: Too Young
Chapter 9: The Funeral
Chapter 10: Drown Out
Chapter 11: Am I Wrong
Chapter 12: All of Me
Chapter 13: I Will Never Let You Down
Chapter 14: Epilogue
Christmas Bonus: A Special Delivery

Generation 3: Touched by Fae

Chapter 1: Alistair
Chapter 2: Mine
Chapter 3: The Kings
Chapter 4: “I’m So Happy”
Chapter 5: Pursuit of Happiness
Chapter 6: Breath of Life
Chapter 7: Don’t You Worry
Chapter 8: Betrayal
Chapter 9: Seduced
Chapter 10: Apologize
Chapter 11: Running Up that Hill
Chapter 12: Jar of Hearts
Matt’s Epilogue, Part I
Matt’s Epilogue, Part II
Epilogue: Come Close

Generation 4: A Thousand Words

Prologue: An Affair of the Heart
Chapter 1: Introductions
Sessions: Introductions
Chapter 2: Habits
Sessions: Habits
Chapter 3: One Life
Sessions: One Life
Chapter 4: Lucky
Sessions: Lucky
Chapter 5: Heart
Chapter 6: Marry You
Sessions: Marry You
Chapter 7: With You
Chapter 8: unHappy Days
Session: unHappy Days
Chapter 9: Break Even
Sessions: Break Even
Chapter 10: Coming Home
Sessions: Coming Home
Chapter 11: Little Do They Know
Sessions: Little Do They Know
Sessions: Over the Love
Chapter 12: Over the Love
Visits: Safe & Sound
Chapter 13: Safe & Sound
Interlude: Plans
Chapter 14: Only if for a Night
Interlude: Preparations
Chapter 15: Don’t Say a Word
Interlude: Vigil
Chapter 16: Bad Intentions
Sessions: Bad Intentions
Chapter 17: Promises