Sessions: Lucky

Sorry I’m late. Colin was being fussy.

That’s alright. I’d like us to try for a happy memory today.

Finding out I was pregnant. I kept feeling nauseated and tired, unable to focus on anything. I knew, without even having to take a test, I knew and I spent a few weeks just thinking. What would I do? Would I keep it?

Then my grandmother called and said she wanted to meet Kieran and that I was to bring him to Lucky Palms the following week. You don’t say no to my grandmother. I did that once, it’s how I ended up dancing at that club.

So I told Kieran, who agreed to meet her. Grandmother was the very first of my family and friends that he met. We’d been together about…three months then?

Anyway, I made an appointment to confirm the pregnancy and get a sense of how far along I was. Eight weeks. Hearing Colin’s heart beating on that monitor made me so giddy!

When I told him, Kieran looked shell shocked and I was worried that I’d read him wrong. For a second I thought he’d be angry. But then he asked me to marry him. He said he wanted to be there for me. He wanted us to be happy and that he’d take care of me.

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9 thoughts on “Sessions: Lucky

  1. LilyParker says:

    Ah, so Kieran and Lorde have a son. I don’t remember if you mentioned the baby’s gender in the prologue. Love the name Colin; reminds me of Colin Farrell (such a hottie in his prime). It’s good to see that Lorde had no ulterior motives after all. She was just going through the same things that any woman with an unexpected pregnancy would.

    I wonder what transpired between Lorde and her grandmother (the “no”) that landed her in a strip club? That grandmother — I still don’t trust her one bit.


  2. iamciane says:

    I like reading the comments and the comments to the comments. I too wonder about the NO, but I’m sure we’ll find out sometime.

    I like the mini sessions. Things we might not know otherwise get a chance to be aired.

    I am still not sure of everyone’s motives, but that is life. It is nice to know that she is like any other mother in regards to hope for her unborn child.

    Thank you.


    • Taina says:

      I’m glad you read all the comments, sometimes I go off on a tangent and then just assume everyone read those extra bits of info. Which is not good…lol

      I struggled for a bit about how to get Lorde’s motivations and feelings across in the story since I have decided not to write from her POV. These sessions help. I’m glad people are enjoying them.

      As for motives, think of this story as a mini-mystery. Everyone is a suspect…unless they’re dead.

      You’re very welcome! Thank YOU for reading and commenting!


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