Deleted Scene from Chapter 14

“So, do you want to talk about the deal that Siobhan offered me first or do you want to talk about your hiccups?”

“Rae, we’ve gone over this before. I don’t have a problem and if I did, I can handle it. I thought we were going to just sit and watch some TV tonight?”

She stared at him. “Are you kidding? We have thirty-six days before the Witch Moon and you want to cuddle? We can cuddle after! The deal or your hiccups?” She raised an eyebrow, daring him to gripe.

“Can I at least put my arms around you,” he asked solemnly.

She burst out laughing. “You are impossible! What’s gotten into you lately?”

“I’ve always been like this. This is who you married; I think I just forgot myself for a while. I want to be that man again.”

She was going to cry. Damn him and his romantic tendencies. “Okay, fine. We can make out a little bit.” He grinned and leaned forward, but she leaned back. “After we talk about Siobhan and what to do about you zoning out.” She would not budge on this.

Sighing, he put his arm around her. “Fine, I guess I can wait. Let’s talk about this deal and then we’ll discuss my ‘hiccups.’”

“Okay, here’s what I think, I think if she wants to meet Eva, we can do that. But she’s not allowed to give her anything, “bless” her in any way or hold her at all.” When Rae raised her eyebrow at that, he said, “I’ve been watching those Disney movies with Eva, these fairy godmothers cause more harm than good.”

She chuckled at that. “So very true.”

“As for my problem, I guess I don’t mind talking to Dr. Gates about it. I don’t think I could go to my regular doctor and tell him I start growling and my eyes glow from time to time.”

Rae beamed. That was easier than she’d thought it would be. “Do you really mean it? You’ll try and figure out what’s wrong?”

“Yeah, if it bothers you so much, then yeah. It’s just – the first time it happened I wasn’t with you. When I went to go visit Caleb and we got into that fight, he told me my eyes were glowing and that I might need him more than I thought. I’m just worried that he’s right. I don’t want to ever need his help.”

“We’ll find someone else.” As she said those words a thought occurred to her. “Connor, what if the solution is that simple. We find someone else? Maybe we can’t prevent Andrei from Changing, but why does it have to be Caleb? There are other wolves, Brian says so and so did Siobhan. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? We’ll just find someone else!”

He grinned at her and pulled her close. “You are brilliant, you know that?”

She grinned back. “Yeah, I know.”

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