Werewolf, also known as a shape-changer, Lycan or skinwalker. These supernatural beings are fierce, protective, have high metabolisms and are loyal.


Werewolves are the byproduct of Fae, human and wolf genetics.

Their creators, the Unseelie, cannot produce offspring, and so, in a fit of jealousy against the Seelie (some call it a stroke of brilliance), they created vampires. However, when the vampire species proved too independent of them, they created werewolves and imbued them with specific characteristics they felt the vampires lacked: loyalty, protectiveness and made their lifespan a bit longer than a human’s but not immortal like they did with vampires.

It is extremely rare for werewolves to mate outside of their species. They prefer to live in packs, like the wolves they are modeled after. You can find large communities of them in areas that are densely forested.

Because the Unseelie didn’t know if their wolves would be able to reproduce, they made it possible to turn a human into a werewolf. This is a practice that is frowned against in the werewolf community as these humans tend to fail at adjusting to their new life. There are high rates of suicides among these wolves. Those that do transition successfully and subsequently mate will produce normal offspring.

A wolf/human breeding is unheard of. A werewolf is more likely to turn their partners (or maim and/or kill them).


Werewolves are stronger, faster and have more endurance than humans. Their sense of sight, smell and hearing are heightened and better than most supernaturals. They have a natural immunity to magic and magical beings.

In their natural states, they look human. Werewolves that are born can change at will, whereas turned wolves need the help of the full moon to turn. The Witch’s Moon is the only time that natural wolves are forced to change.

Turning on a full moon keeps a werewolf sane. They are known for their short tempers and impatience. Waiting too long to change will expound on these traits and can lead to insanity. Because of this, werewolves are taught at an early age to control their emotions. They are hot blooded creatures and can be overly sensitive.


They work on a power system. The most powerful of the pack is called the Wulfric, or the Alpha. This person is not always the strongest but is usually a balanced combination of strength, cunning and compassion. It is not something you are born into and you can be demoted. A Wulfric has the power to control the pack magically and once you pledge your loyalty, it is nearly impossible to disobey. The only exception to that rule is finding your true mate. He or she becomes your Wulfric and as such, that is what werewolves call their mates. You are still obligated to do as your Alpha says, so long as it doesn’t impede you from providing, protecting and being with your mate.

Most wolves mate within their packs but there are instances, particularly when the pack comprises of family members only, when wolves will mate outside their packs. Once this occurs, the male wolf will join his mate’s pack. However, this is not a hard rule and either one may join the other’s pack.

A Wulfric can banish another from the pack, making that wolf a Kadzait, a wandering wolf. This is a punishment worse than death to some as it completely isolates the wolf from their pack, including their family. The only person immune to this is the werewolf’s mate, who can decide to follow their mate into banishment.

A Kadzait wolf that finds a new pack must wait until a witch’s moon to become part of the pack. This can be a good or bad thing. A wolf that has been banished from a pack will need to turn every full moon until accepted into his new pack. This works to keep them level headed and sane. It is a dangerous time for a wolf, as they will want to go back to their old pack. A Kadzait wolf might be hurt or even killed by its old pack if they return.

Werewolves have certain characteristics that are akin to that of their wolf cousins. They can be playful and love the outdoors, running and being rubbed. They are very open about their bodies since they tend to be fit creatures and can sometimes be extremely conceited and snobbish.

It is rumored that there is a cure for their Lycanthropy. But that has yet to be documented.


A werewolf is born with two souls. It’s wolf and it’s human* soul.

These two souls balance each other out. Together, they keep the wolf calm and in control. For a person born a werewolf, that control is a skill learn while aging. The same way a toddler learns to walk or talk. The duality of their personality matures as they mature.

For a person who is turned, that is not so. They have to learn to co-exist with the wolf after their personality is set. It is much more difficult and a majority of turned werewolves spend the rest of their lives searching for that balance. They are more vulnerable to the pull of the moon, more volatile and more likely to become Kadzait. They also live shorter lives.

Werewolf Genealogy

*There is a possibility of a non-human soul, depending on the werewolf’s ancestry.

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