Genies have the cold, calculating intellect of the Fae but also the empathy and compassion of humans, as well as the capacity to learn more than the things that give Fae power.



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The Jinn or Genie is a hybrid of a Fae and Human coupling. I say hybrid but the Fae see it as a dilution of power. (See diagram below.) Genies are extremely rare since a female Fae will usual not give birth to a human’s child. The possibility of having a human offspring is so offensive to a Fae that they usually won’t allow it. Those that do have these children will usually give them up or if the infant shows traits of the blue skin of a Jinn, the Fae parent will have them imprisoned as soon as they hit puberty.

A Genie can reproduce with their species and with humans (Witches and Wiccans). It is extremely rare for a pregnancy to occur with other occults, although Vampires and Werewolves have enough human DNA to make them compatible. Also, theoretically, a Genie can have a child with a Fae, but the Fae see Genies as a subspecies. A child from one of those combinations has never been recorded.

A Genie is not immortal, but their lifespan twice as long as a human’s. They can live longer if imprisoned.


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When a Genie hits adulthood, they are imprisoned in a golden lamp. The belief was that Genies are so powerful and so human, that they were considered a threat to the Fae ruling families. There was a revolt, where the Jinn demanded equal rights and respect. So the Fae imprisoned them all. It didn’t occur to the Fae to stop their dalliances with humans though, so as a child’s powers manifested, they were bound and imprisoned. It is a practice that has continued to this day. It is traumatizing and a Genie is frozen after they become an adult and can live for centuries trapped in their lamp.

Freeing a Genie

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Genie’s can be freed from their prison by a simple wish. The Fae wanted to teach the Jinn a lesson about the humans they adored so much. A human can wish a Genie free – but only a human can do this! It is why a Genie can grant three wishes in the first place. In recorded history, there have been 75,000 Jinn imprisoned and only 468 freed.


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Genies have an impressive array of powers. An imprisoned Genie can grant the person who “owns” them, three wishes. After these wishes are granted, the Genie and the lamp vanish and is placed somewhere else in the world. This prevents the Genie from being used by numerous members of a community and it also keeps the Genie isolated.

There are strict rules and guidelines for granting wishes, some can be asked for more than once, others are one time deals and a Genie cannot own another Genie.

Some common wishes:

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  • More wishes
  • Love
  • Long life
  • Large family
  • Happiness
  • Fortune
  • Beauty

List of common abilities:

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  • Magically clean Sim
  • Make house spotless and sparkly
  • Summon food
  • Banish Sim
  • Ensorcel Sim

An imprisoned Genie cannot be forced to kill someone or make someone fall in love. They cannot change the past, make someone immortal (without changing their genetic code) and cannot grant unlimited wishes. An imprisoned Genie is much more powerful than a freed Genie. The lamp amps up their power and acts like a conduit. The lamp is Fae made and as such has power of its own that a magical being can tap into. A freed Genie will hold on to their lamp for that reason, even though it won’t give them the same power boost.

A Genie lamp is an extremely powerful and valuable object. People will pay a fortune and/or harm others for one of them. The appearance and disappearance of these lamps are random and never appear in the same place twice.


Genie Genealogy

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