The Fae (or Fairies as they are modernly called) are the granddaddies of Supernatural Sims. They are the forefathers of 6 out of the 13 known life-states of Sims. These beings are extremely private, long-lived and egotistical. They see themselves as superior in every way to every other Supernatural being in the universe. They are charismatic and very attuned to the earth and all its elements. Like most Supernatural beings, they are positively effected by the moonlight and will go into a mild depression during the new moon phase.



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Fae are born from Fae parents. You cannot become Fae and both parents need to be Fae. There are rumors of humans who have become Fairies…but those are just rumors. A Fae with a human parent has a diluted bloodline and becomes a Genie. The likelihood of a Fae giving birth to a human’s child is slim to none, which is why Genies are so rare. Most offspring of a human female and male Fae turn out human. Those that do not and show traits of the blue skin of a Jinn are stolen from their human parent and imprisoned. (see Jinn/Genie)

Sometimes, a Fae will leave their child in the home of a human, these children are called changelings. The child is usually placed in the home of a Wiccan or a Human with Fae Blood (or a freed Genie more times then not).

A Fae’s identity is based on their level of power and not so much on their physiology. And while they will never be human, their offspring can be. For example, a Fae stripped of her powers may breed with a human and create a HFB, whereas a full-winged Fae is more likely to produce a Genie. It is simply a difference in the level of magic.

The Fae also created a subspecies, the Mermaid. It was quite accidental (citation needed). Subspecies are mostly created and then forgotten by the Fae as they have no time or interest in cultivating anyone or anything that is not Fae like themselves.

Types of Fae:

Seelie Fae

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Seelie Fae have the ability to create offspring, the Jinn or Genie. The hierarchy of the Seelie bloodline is very nuanced. You have:

  • Full-blooded Fae
  • Jinn/Genie
  • Witch
  • Human with Fae Blood (HFB)
  • Wiccan

The differences are very minute. A Wiccan is different from a Human with Fae blood (HFB) by power only. Less than 2% of all humans who have Fae blood practice no magic. But it is more likely to come across a Genie than it is to find one of these humans.

There are two types of HFBs:

  • Human imbued with Fae magic
  • Offspring of a Fae stripped of their power (see below)


Unseelie Fae

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The Unseelie are different. They have never been able to reproduce. Instead, they created two sub-species using human DNA:

  • Vampires
  • Werewolves

They have the same level of power, if not more, as the Seelie Fae do. They are a matriarch. There is always an UnSeelie Queen. It is believed that their power is more potent because of their inability to reproduce.

Houses of Faery:

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There are six Houses of Faery. 3 of the Seelie and 3 of the Unseelie. Each house has a special wing design that marks them.


  1. Wisp
  2. Swirly
  3. Dragonfly


  1. Fern
  2. Monarch
  3. Bumblebee

Most of the Fae will have one of these as their last name. The current ruling families are the Swirlys and the Monarchs. The Fae are immortal and almost impossible to kill or harm. A Fae will have to shrink to their natural size every now and then in order to maintain health and mental stability. A Fae that refuses to do so can suffer from depression, Alzheimer’s and other mental health diseases. Capturing a Fae during this vulnerable time will enslave them and kept in that state for too long, a Fae will turn into a Genie. The Fae do this to all children with a human as a parent.


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The more they use their abilities, the stronger they become. A Fairy that has lived a long time can be more powerful than all other Supernaturals combined. It is never a good idea to get on the bad side of the Fae – they have long memories. The Fae, in olden days were the makers of Rainbows and spotting a Fae during Spring meant good luck.

A Fae can increase another’s mood, they have the ability to learn both creatively as well as physically, and can cure zombie related illnesses. They, like all other Supernaturals, hone their skills and are masters of one particular kind of magic. That magic ranges from creating life to bringing others back from the dead. The older the Fae, the stronger the magic.

When a Fae is stripped of her powers – something that can only happen by the most powerful of all Fae, the ruling Queen and King of the Seelie and the Queen of the Unseelie – she is turned into a Witch, the lowest class of magical beings from the Fae line. The wings are ripped off and they can never again take their true forms. Most Fae go mad and die of loneliness, since their pride will keep them from associating with what they believe are the lower species. A Fae must be convicted of a heinous crime to receive that punishment. Similarly, a Fae can rescind their powers and decide to become a Witch. It is the same process but it is their own choice.

Fae Genealogy

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