Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from Ainsley, Rosalie, Maya and Dre London

Hello, so I am fast forwarding a few years now so we can add the appropriate children to the London clan. When I did my 20K photo shoot, some of you noticed a second set of twins jumping around in some of the photos. Well, here is their first family picture ever.

Maya got caught talking to Dre. Oops! Say hi to Rosalie and Ainsley London, born December 25th. Rosalie is a derivative of the family name Rose and Ainsley is named after her grandmother. Rosalie’s little, outstretched arm is giving me all the feels!!

For the short story about the twin’s birth, you can read it on my simblr!

specialdeliverylogo(And then you can come back here and tell me what you think!!)

Mini Holiday Photoshoot

I posted this over at my simblr but thought it would be cute to share here. Some photos I took for the holidays. I especially liked Tony’s family photo, it was cute and way more relaxed than their usual stiff poses. Without further ado:

Left to right: Eva Louise Torres-London King, Matias King, Stephanie Magdalena Zenteri King, and Alistair Kieran Torres-London Zenteri King

Maya Charles-London and Andrei Heron London

Left to right: Riley MacKenzie London, Grace MacKenzie London, Anthony Jacob London, and Emma Paige London

Back Left to right: Emma Paige London, Alistair Kieran Torres-London Zenteri King, and Grace MacKenzie London

Front: Stephanie Magdalena Zenteri King

20k Photoshoot

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