Sessions: Break Even

He has this cousin, Grace. She used to be a he, so I guess she has some problems. So in the beginning, he used to go see her all the time. Every Wednesday like clockwork.

After we got married, after the pregnancy got bad, I was scared of being home alone for more than a few hours. What did I know of babies?

He was so… I don’t know a way to put it without it sounding…

Don’t worry about that. Just tell me.

At first, he was so loving, doting even. He used to play the piano for me and the baby. He would rub lotion on my belly and talk to it. We took naps together. But then, a couple of weeks became a month, two months. He grew sullen. He was constantly on the phone. I think Grace was upset that I was taking so much of his time.

I told him to go, that I would be fine. That his family should come first. He left the next day and was gone for a week.

When he came back, he seemed happier, so I thought a week alone, unable to really do much of anything on my own was worth it. To see that look on his face again, it was worth it.

The phone calls started up almost immediately. I became upset. I know his family is important to him but I’d hoped that after we married, I’d be important too, that I’d be family.

I didn’t want to cause a fuss though, so when he said he had to leave again, I smiled and said okay.

He left and didn’t come back for what felt like weeks.

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Chapter 9: Break Even

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