Tony and Riley’s First Date



Riley was still getting used to being called that by Caleb. Now that he and Tony were engaged, Caleb considered him family. It was…nice. He nodded to his wulfric then turned to walk away.

He heard Caleb take a sniff. “You’re excited about something.”

Riley grinned and turned back. “Yes, Tony is taking me out on a date.”

Caleb gave him a small smile. “You’re engaged.”

“Yes. Which makes it that much better.”

“I see.”

He clearly didn’t but Riley didn’t want to explain. Explaining would ruin the high he was currently on at the thought of his upcoming date. “I have to go now. Goodbye Alpha.”

“Good luck on your date.”

Riley gave Caleb a short wave as he walked away. “Thanks!”


Tony was headed up to the room he shared with Riley when they visited Caleb when he saw his uncle. “Hi Uncle Caleb.”

“Hello Anthony.”

Tony stood for a second, waiting to see if Caleb had more to say. He’d learned as a child that his uncle wasn’t really a people person. Caleb wasn’t big on words but when he spoke, he expected to be heeded. Tony always waited to be dismissed.

“I hear you’re going on a date.”

He wasn’t remotely surprised that Caleb knew. “Yes. I’m taking Riley to the movies.”

“Have you been on many dates?”

Tony frowned. “No, not really. But I spoke to Dre and he said that as long as I pay for everything, let Riley get as many refreshments as he wanted and gave him the last of the chocolate covered raisins, I would be fine.”

Caleb snorted softly and Tony watched him with narrowed eyes. Was his uncle laughing at him?

If he was, he hid it well. He sounded like his normal, stern self when he said, “Sounds like good advice. I hope you have an excellent evening.”

Tony watched as Caleb began to walk away. His uncle suddenly stopped and turned to look at him. “I would suggest a movie that doesn’t require intense concentration. And perhaps you should take the convertible. I’ll leave the keys in the dish by the door.”

“Okay. Thank you Uncle Caleb.”

“You’re very welcome, Tony.”

7 thoughts on “Tony and Riley’s First Date

    • Taina says:

      LOL yup and YUP! It only took them getting engaged…

      Tony hasn’t been on many dates. He went out a few times with Franco but they moved pretty fast. And once they were sleeping together, the dates stopped. Tony has a warped sense of self sometimes and although he KNOWS what a date entails, he doesn’t want to mess it up, so he asked his brother (who, honestly, has a LOT more experience with this stuff but is still such a weirdo lol).

      Caleb finds the whole thing hilarious and I’m sure he laughed about it with Callie later.


    • Taina says:

      He is just so… yeah. I love him. Poor thing is kind of just like, “I have no idea why these things are so important but okay.” And I have a feeling Dre told him silly things on purpose. And another part of me wonders if he told him such silly things because he knows that Riley will appreciate them more because he’ll know that Tony is trying very hard to make him happy.

      Dre is a sly fox errr, wolf!

      I didn’t write about the actual date but I imagine it went something like this:

      Riley bought popcorn, chocolate covered raisins (after Tony mentioned them lol) and the slushie thingy in blue because blue is Tony’s favorite color. He only got one straw, which made Tony a little sad because he’d hoped that Riley would want to share. But Riley did share and they used the same straw and that made Tony ridiculously happy (weirDO).

      Tony was very surprised because almost at the beginning of the movie Riley leaned over and kissed him. They barely watched the movie and he was glad that he’d taken Caleb’s advice about picking something not too engrossing. He’d never not paid attention at the movies before since Franco was an actor. They only went to the movies to see him in them.

      They made it through the movie, only a little out of breath and a bit of tousled hair, nothing too bad. Tony remembered to give Riley the last of the candy.

      It was a pretty good date, or so he thought and was very pleased later on that evening when Riley decided to thank him.

      Tony would definitely do another movie night. He would consider building an in-home theater but he’s pretty sure it’s the going out part that Riley likes… He would have to ask.

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        • Taina says:

          Hi! Oh, nothing. I’m just talking from his point of view. Like when someone says, “That was a good date, at least I think so…”

          Nothing ominous. Promise! lol Riley was very very pleased and he made dinner for Tony the next day as a thank you (which, he then had to tell Tony it was a thank you gift because Riley generally cooks all their meals).


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