The Turn

“I would recommend you try turning him before the next Witch’s moon. I don’t want that to be his first time.”

“Me? But I’m not an alpha, I’m no where near being an alpha!”

Caleb smiled gently. “I wouldn’t say that. I could see you as a beta. Besides, Tony will listen to you, you’re his Wulfric and you outrank him.”

“I guess so.”

“It’ll be fine. Call me if you need anything.”

“Wait, how am I supposed…?”

“Start small.” Riley could hear Caleb’s laughter through the connection. “At least get him to break the skin for his new canines.”

“Yeah okay, but how?”

“Make him bite you, Riley.”

“Oh. I see.” Riley was suddenly very aware of who he was talking to. This was not only his alpha but Tony’s uncle. “Okay then. Thanks Caleb.”

“Call me if you need me.”

“I will.”

“But I thought I couldn’t do that?”

Riley had just finished explaining what he wanted to do to Tony. “Yes but we didn’t really try, did we? Caleb said -”

“You spoke to Uncle Caleb about this?” Tony looked horrified, which made Riley laugh.

“Yeah, I did. He suggested it.”

“Oh, that’s just great. My husband and my uncle having a discussion about my sex life. Just fantastic.”

“It’s my sex life too babe. And no, we weren’t talking about that. Just – that’s not important, what’s important is that we get you to turn soon.”

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