Riley woke up feeling warm and heavy. Opening his eyes, he smiled. His husband was snuggled up against him, nose pressed to his neck, arms wrapped around him. Tony had one leg curled around his hips. Effectively pinning Riley in place.

“Good morning.”

He felt Tony’s grin against his neck but received no response. It didn’t matter, not really. He settled back down and raised a hand to play with Tony’s hair. It was rare that they got to spend mornings in bed together. Tony was usually up and about by five, with Riley an hour behind.

They stayed that way for a while, Tony adjusting his hold to allow Riley to move but never letting go.

“Are you hungry, babe?” They would have to get up soon to do normal stuff, like feed their twins.

“Say something else,” Tony whispered.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Anything. I like the vibrations your throat makes when you speak.”

Smiling, trying not to laugh, Riley started reciting the setup manual for their TV. Tony poked him in the ribs but didn’t complain. Once he was done repeating what he could remember – he’d ended up taking the thing apart and reprogramming the wires – he asked, “Why the lazy morning?”

“I finished the robot.”

Riley shot out of bed – or would have if he could move that far. He leaned back and turned to look at Tony. “Seriously? That’s amazing babe!”

Tony’s grin was from ear to ear. “Yeah, last night. I was going to tell you then but you were so tired.”

Riley remembered. It had been a rough day with the babies. He’d kissed his husband hello and went straight to bed. He hadn’t even made dinner. “Did you eat?”

Tony’s eyes softened and he laughed a little. “There were plenty of leftovers. Don’t worry.”

“I’m sorry about yesterday. This teething thing…” Sighing, Riley lay back down and pulled Tony close. Being a stay-at-home parent was brutal. There was no escape, you couldn’t leave early, call out sick, or quit. There were little people depending on you night and day. Thank the goddess for Tony. At least he got to do grownup things in the afternoons. Otherwise… “Anyway, I’m very proud of you. This is huge babe.”

“Thank you. It feels like I can finally relax a little now.” Tony pressed a kiss to Riley’s throat. Then another, this one openmouthed and lingering. “I can finally just cuddle in bed with my mate.”

A low groan/growl made its way out of Riley’s mouth and he stretched his head back, giving Tony more access. That seemed to do the trick because he pressed down with his mouth, his tongue licking Riley’s jugular. Slow, tantalizing swipes that made Riley’s hands spasm.

The collar, neck and jaw of a werewolf were major erogenous zones and it only took a few minutes before he was ready to flip Tony over. “Babe…”

Riley sucked in a breath as Tony bit down on his neck. Hard. He let it out in a whoosh and flattened himself on the bed. Motherfucker!

Tony was teething.

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