Pillow Talk

“You know, most people wake up with a few hickies after a night of sex, maybe a few scratch marks where their lover scored their flesh. I must be the only person who wakes up with bite marks. Very kinky stuff, Riley.”

Tony was lying against his stomach, looking up at him with a smile on his face. Riley’s eyes slid over to study the bite mark in question and he quirked an eyebrow. “First, it’s bite mark, singular. Although if you want another, I’d be happy to oblige. I love seeing my mark on you. Second, I am your husband, you are mine and I’ll make love to you however I see fit. And lastly, you clearly don’t watch enough porn if you think this is kinky.”

He was amazed at the blush that started to stain Tony’s cheeks. They’d been married for ten years now and had done some pretty kinky shit, even by his standards, so why the hell was Tony blushing? “What have you done, Tony?”

Tony ducked his head and buried his face against Riley’s stomach, rubbing his forehead back and forth. “Uh, it was an accident.”

Oh this was just too fucking perfect. Riley wanted to laugh at the clearly embarrassed man lying on top of him. “What did you do Anthony?”

“My computer was acting up, so I needed to use yours. I didn’t mean to snoop. It just sort of popped up, I swear!” Tony looked up and frowned at Riley. “Do you really like to be tied up?”

Riley’s dick got the message before his brain did. Tony squirmed, which did not help the situation.

Tony did not like pain play, not even spanking. It had never occurred to Riley to try bondage though, even though he liked it. Then Tony’s words fully penetrated. Tony thought he wanted to be tied up? Riley had always envisioned it the other way around, with Tony trussed up, waiting at his pleasure. But if Tony had started to get ideas…

He cleared his throat but his voice rumbled anyway. “Is that something you’d like to try babe?”

“I…” Tony was flustered again but he kept his gaze locked on Riley. “Yes. I-I would like that, I think.”


“That’s it, just okay?”

Riley grinned. “If you want to try rope bondage, we’ll try some rope bondage.”

“Rope bondage,” Tony repeated softly.

Riley leaned forward to kiss Tony. “We can start now…”

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