May and Josh: Backseat Romance

Warning: NSFW

This is a short blurb about Joshua Cullen Sawyer and Maybelle Starling. Josh is Riley’s older brother.

Joshua dropped down on the couch and put his beer to his lips. It had been a rough day and all he wanted was to go home. He glanced over at Maybelle to see if she was ready but she was talking animatedly with another woman. Sighing, he took another sip of his beer. Looked like he’d be here for a while.

“Joshua, what do you think?”

Joshua looked over at Hale, a man in his mid-forties, fit, neat. A bit of a snob though. “About what?”

“The guys and I are talking about mating. And since you and Pete are the only one’s hitched, we wanted to know. You ever step out of the marriage bed?”

Joshua looked to see about four other guys hanging around, all staring at him. None of them werewolves. He would give them the benefit of the doubt. “No.”

“Oh come on, you never even considered it?” Hale pressed.

“Have you seen my mate?” His answer made a few of the men nod and laugh. Maybelle was gorgeous, sexy and smart as hell. No, he’d never even thought about cheating on his mate. Even if his wolf would have let him, he wouldn’t have been interested in sleeping with another female.

“Pussy that good, huh?” This came from another man whose name Joshua didn’t know. He was new to the organization and they had never been introduced. He could hear the scorn and incredulity in the man’s tone.

Feeling his hackles rising, he lifted an eyebrow at the man. “Yes. It is.” He let a soft growl loose at the end of the sentence. Any smart man would have dropped the subject.

Apparently this guy wasn’t. He looked around, smirking, not realizing that he’d just stepped into a very dangerous topic of conversation. “Well, May’s not a wolf. What’s to stop her from cheating on you?”

The sound of his mate’s name on that asshole’s lips made his wolf stir and Joshua came abruptly to his feet. Gulping what was left of his beer, he let out a full-on growl and said, “’cuz my dick is that good.” Then he walked over to his mate. It was time to go.

Squeezing his way in between the two women, he threw a cursory, “excuse us,” to May’s friend before wrapping his arms around his mate and burying his face into the crook of her neck. She immediately tilted her head to the side, bringing her arms up to hold on to his biceps.

“Hey you.”

The sound of her voice calmed him a bit and he placed a kiss on her throat. “Let’s go home.”

May pulled back a little. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes. I just really need to get you home.” He pressed into her, hoping to get his point across.

Her eyes lit up. “Oh. Okay. Let me just say goodbye to Yani.” He let out a soft growl but she just smiled and turned towards her friend. “We need to head home now but I’ll call you tomorrow, alright?”

Yani nodded, a look of amusement flashing across her face before she could hide it.

Joshua didn’t care if she knew. He didn’t care if everyone knew. His arm still around his mate, he led her to the front door, down the few short steps and into the passenger seat of their car. He was practically vibrating when he got behind the wheel. He looked over at May. “I don’t think I’m going to make it home.”

May frowned a little. “Did someone say something?”

Joshua nodded. “The new guy insinuated that we would cheat on each other.”

“Did he look at you?” May laughed, making him smile.

“That’s what I said about you.” He turned to her then, right in the parking lot and cupped a breast. It was full and heavy, just the way he liked it. As he passed his thumb of her nipple, the peak hardened and she moaned.

“Let’s find a quiet spot. It doesn’t have to be home.” She was already taking off her sweater.

“Are you sure? I can wait…” At the thought of fucking his wife in the car, his hand began to tremble. They both saw it.

May smiled, gently taking his hand and kissing the tips of his fingers. “No, baby. You can’t.”

Easing out of the parking lot, Joshua drove down the road, looking for anywhere that would be even a little bit private. May found one first. It was a small alleyway that dead ended a few yards in. It would have to do because he was already Changing.

Joshua watched her while she undid the snaps on her pants, lifting her hips to push them and her panties down and off her legs. She’d taken her boots off without him noticing. “You are way too excited about this, love.”

She grinned at him. “Have you looked at yourself?”

He laughed, grateful that she could joke about the situation. Taking his mate in the backseat of his car wasn’t something he’d ever thought himself capable of doing. He liked making love in a bed. He was old-fashioned that way. But she wanted this, was aroused by it. He Changed faster, taking his clothes off as well. “Sound,” he questioned.

“Silence spell.”

He nodded and was just kicking off his pants when May reached over and grabbed his cock. He glanced down at her, his eyes trailing down her naked body. Who the fuck would ever cheat on this? He leaned over and kissed her, has hand wrapping around to squeeze her luscious ass. He wondered if there would ever come a day when her body didn’t make him feel like a randy teenage boy. Probably not. She looked better now than she did when they’d first met. Her body had filled out, giving her fuller breasts, wider hips and a soft belly.

She pulled away and leaned down, licking the pre-cum from the tip of his erection. Joshua leaned back and hissed in a breath while she literally and figuratively worked her magic. She had a way of making him feel like her hands and mouth were everywhere, on his cock, on his balls, on his ass. Why the fuck would he ever cheat? She was a fucking temptress.

When he couldn’t take any more, he pulled her back up to kiss her. Pushing the seat as far back as it would go, he lifted her over the console and sat her on his lap. He couldn’t speak pass his elongated fangs so he licked her cheek. She laughed. He loved the sound of her laughter.

May leaned forward and positioned him before sitting back down, fully impaling herself on him in one stroke. He tightened his hold on her, needing a minute so he wouldn’t finish things too fast. She was wet and tight and so fucking perfect. She tried to move and he held her tighter. He just needed a minute.

Finally impatient with him, she brought up her right breast, holding it in front of his lips and he latched on, suckling like a babe. With his attention diverted, she began to move. Slowly she gyrated her hips, moved up and down his cock, milking him as he did her. The feel of her combined with her scent, her arousal and the sounds she was making had him coming faster than he’d wished. He reached around and pressed a finger gently to tight knot of muscles in her ass, massaging. He felt her breath hitch but she didn’t come, instead she rode him until he was spent.

They sat there for a few minutes while he caught his breath then she got off him and slowly crawled to the back of the car. She spread out, one leg bent on the seats underneath her, the other hanging down to the floor. She made a beautiful tableau. He started to shift back to human but she stopped him. “No, I want you like this,” she said.

Joshua climbed over, making sure to push the front seats forward, to give his bulky body as much space as possible. Kneeling in front of her, he pressed his thumb to her clit and rubbed experimentally. She sucked in a breath before letting it out in low moan. Grinning, he leaned forward and closed his hungry mouth over her pussy, licking at the folds. Using his thumbs to hold her open to him, he went to work cleaning her up, making sure to suck on her clit, using his teeth to nibble at the delicate flesh between her legs. She always got off on his sharp teeth being so close and was soon jerking off the seats, coming into his mouth. He worked on her through her orgasm, her legs in a vise grip so she couldn’t close herself off to him.

Finally she pushed him away and they lay there panting again. He took the time to Change back and giving her one last open-mouthed kiss, he crawled up her body and rested his head against her breasts. Smiling, he murmured, “Thank you.”

Maybelle smiled back. “Anytime, anywhere. I mean, have you looked in a mirror lately?”

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