First Time

Riley leaned down and kissed him, pressed his body down on top of Tony and just spent a few minutes kissing him. He nibbled on his lip ring and smiled when Tony moaned and opened his mouth to allow a deeper kiss.

He felt Tony’s hand trace down his spine, tracing a path down to his ass before gripping it and pushing down. A low, throaty laugh escaped Riley’s mouth. “We are so impatient all of a sudden.”

“Riley…please,” Tony softly begged.

“What do you want love?” Riley pushed down a little, grinding his lower body onto Tony’s. “You feel absolutely fantastic.”


Riley lifted up a little and looked down the length of their bodies. He moved his hips a bit to the right, bumping up against Tony. His eyes shuttered as he felt the friction and the heat of Tony’s cock brushing up against his own. “The things you do to me. God!”

His head fell forward and his eyes narrowed as he watched Tony remove one hand from where it was gripping his ass and start to reach down. Riley held his breath and waited, but Tony stopped halfway there.

“Don’t stop. Touch me. I need you to touch me.” He grabbed Tony’s hand and brought it down the rest of the way. When their hands made contact with his dick, he shuddered, almost collapsing as the arm holding his body up shook. “That feels so good baby. That’s right, give it a good squeeze, don’t be shy.”

He leaned back down and kissed Anthony again. He started to pump into their hands but paused when Tony whimpered. “Oh baby, I’m being selfish aren’t I?”

Riley let go of Tony’s hand and reached down for his cock, wrapping his hand around the head. “You are so big Tony. This is going to feel amazing inside my ass.”

Startled brown eyes met his. “What? You don’t want to?”

“I – I just…Franco didn’t like…” He frowned, a sad look crossing his face. “At least not with me.”

“Shhh. I definitely like and I definitely want it to be you. We can take turns.” He grinned down at Tony and squeezed his shaft. His smile grew larger when Tony moaned, eyes closing at the pleasure.


“Yeah, I need to fuck you now too. God, you do things to me. I can’t…”

Tony leaned up and kissed him, shutting him up. “Now. No more talking.”

Riley laughed and reached for the lube, squirting some into his hand, while Tony opened a condom. “My hands are kinda messy right now. Will you put it on me, please?”

Tony’s breathing became ragged and Riley got immense pleasure knowing that he was doing that to him. That it was his body that got Tony so riled up, so hard.

When they were ready, he pushed Tony’s legs out and up, exposing Tony’s ass to his view. Fucking beautiful. “You know, I could just stare at you all day,” he teased.

“Riley Cullen Sawyer! If you don’t hurry up…”

Riley laughed. “Yes baby.”

And then he was pushing in to the one place he’d dreamed of being. Tony was so tight and warm and so fucking perfect. He grabbed on to Tony’s thighs and held him still, pushing himself further in until he was buried, balls deep, inside Tony’s body. Then he paused, breathing heavy. Wow.

He was enjoying himself, eyes closed, feeling Tony’s ass contract around his shaft. Then he felt Tony’s hands rubbing up his forearms. Smiling, he opened his eyes to look down at the man he’d been in love with for three years. He let go of his death grip on Tony’s legs and wrapped a hand around his cock. It was leaking and Riley wanted to lean down and lick at the head, but one thing at a time. He started to move slowly out and then push back in. Out and then in.

After the fourth stroke, he realized he wasn’t going to last much longer, it was just too fucking good. “Tony…”

“It’s okay. Please. You feel…”

He started to pump Tony’s cock, every time he pushed in, he also squeezed. Soon though, he had to let go because his rhythm was getting all fucked up. Tony took over the pumping then. Riley leaned down and kissed him, mimicking with his tongue what his body was doing. He tugged on the lip ring gently, liking the hard metallic taste. He loved everything about Tony.

“Riley…” Tony cried out.

“That’s right baby. Come for me. Show me how much you like my fucking.” He leaned back so he could spread Tony’s legs wider, get in deeper and watch while Tony jerked himself off.

When Tony came, he bucked off the bed, slamming his hips up while Riley’s came down. Riley came suddenly, shouting out Tony’s name. He watched Tony’s seed shoot out to fall on his abdomen and chest, knowing that his own was spilling from his dick into the condom.

Arms and legs suddenly weak, he pulled out slowly, feeling a sense of loss before reminding himself they would do this again. And soon – maybe even tonight. Grinning, he threw away the condom and kissed Tony.

“You’re fucking amazing,” he said hoarsely. “Let me get something to clean you up.”

Even though he was exhausted, he got up and walked to the bathroom. After quickly cleaning himself up, he wet the towel again and came back to bed. Laying down quietly, he studied Tony’s body. He was pale and a bit thin but toned. And aside from the semen on his chest, Tony’s body was without flaw. His lover was beautiful.

“Why are you just lying there, grinning?” Tony asked, suddenly looking shy.

“Just feeling a moment of pride for my lover’s body.” He gave a long-suffering sigh. “Aside from your paleness – which we will fix this summer! – you are perfect. I’m a little jealous actually.”

Tony smiled and reached for him, but Riley pushed his hands away. “Let’s get you cleaned up first.”

He took his time cleaning Tony up, taking the opportunity to learn his body. It didn’t take long before he noticed that someone was ready for round two. He raised an eyebrow and laughed when Tony blushed. “And here I was just lamenting that all this cum was going to waste.”

Tony’s eyes went huge. “Riley…”

Riley’s own eyes narrowed slightly before he smoothed out his features. He reached down and lazily stroked Tony’s cock. Had he never…? “Would you like that lover mine?”

Shuttered eyes and with a cute blush, Tony said softly, “Yes.”

Riley started to scoot down the bed. This was going to be fun.

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