Antonio watched through lidded eyes as Aaliyah undid the last button on his shirt. She was nervous, and if he was being honest, so was he. When she reached for his pants, her hands were shaking so badly she couldn’t work the zipper. He laid his hands on top of hers. “Let me, cariño.”

He quickly removed his trousers, along with his shoes and socks. Standing in front of her in only his briefs, he waited. He’d done so many things in the last six months without any concern for what she wanted; tonight would be about her.

As her eyes traveled down his body, he took absurd pleasure in the small smile forming on her lips. The woman he loved was pleased with him. Shallow, yes but who cared?

She pulled her shirt up and off and reached out for him. He closed his eyes and let her kiss him. Each time was like the first time. Kissing her was like receiving a shot of caffeine; it woke up his senses and made him crave more of her.

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