Deleted Scene from Chapter 8

Halfway home, Kieran woke up to sirens and flashing lights.


“What? What’s wrong?” He turned bleary eyes to his friend. “What?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

The cop came to Eden’s side of the car. “License and registration.”

Eden handed the paperwork over.

“Where are you two headed?”

“Dropping my friend home.”

A beam of bright light was flashed on Kieran’s face. He flinched.

“Have you been drinking, sir?”


“A little bit, yes.”

“Step out of the car, sir.”

“Excuse me? Why?”

“Step out of the car.”

Kieran opened the door and wobbled out. This could not be happening to him.

The officer walked around to his side and held out a breathalyzer. “Blow into this.”

Kieran blew.

“Sir, your alcohol content level is very high.”

“Well, I imagine it would be. I did tell you I’d been drinking.”


From inside the car, Eden said, “Was there a reason you stopped us?”

The cop looked at Alistair a moment longer before turning his attention back to Eden.

“Step out of the car, son.”

“We have a right to know why you stopped us.”

“You were swerving dangerously on the road.”

“That’s bullshit! You’re just saying that because he’s drunk.”

“Step out of the car, now!” The officer placed a hand on his gun.

Kieran watched as Eden did as he was told. He, too, had to blow into the breath tester thing. The officer showed Eden the results and then things got ugly.