Sessions: Marry You

He wanted a girl. We were at the doctor’s for a regular checkup. And the tech asked if we wanted to know what we were having. I wanted to be surprised, but Kieran wanted to know. He’s like that, doesn’t like surprises.

When the woman told him it was a boy, he looked so disappointed. He actually argued with her about it.

My heart broke a little that day.

Now when I look at Colin and him together, I wonder if he resents the baby or me for not giving him what he wanted.

Don’t you think he’s just happy for a healthy baby?

Oh, I don’t doubt that. And I know we aren’t in a good place right now, but I hope I can give him the girl he seems to want so much. That is a desperate wish of mine.

One day, maybe.

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Interlude: Revenge


“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”


“But I prefer mine on fire.”

Sessions: Lucky

Sorry I’m late. Colin was being fussy.

That’s alright. I’d like us to try for a happy memory today.

Finding out I was pregnant. I kept feeling nauseated and tired, unable to focus on anything. I knew, without even having to take a test, I knew and I spent a few weeks just thinking. What would I do? Would I keep it?

Then my grandmother called and said she wanted to meet Kieran and that I was to bring him to Lucky Palms the following week. You don’t say no to my grandmother. I did that once, it’s how I ended up dancing at that club.

So I told Kieran, who agreed to meet her. Grandmother was the very first of my family and friends that he met. We’d been together about…three months then?

Anyway, I made an appointment to confirm the pregnancy and get a sense of how far along I was. Eight weeks. Hearing Colin’s heart beating on that monitor made me so giddy!

When I told him, Kieran looked shell shocked and I was worried that I’d read him wrong. For a second I thought he’d be angry. But then he asked me to marry him. He said he wanted to be there for me. He wanted us to be happy and that he’d take care of me.

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Deleted Scene from Chapter 3

“Are you sure that was your first time?”

They were sprawled across the bed, Kieran lying half on top of Lorde, one arm flung across her body and his face pressed against her right breast. He grinned and placed an open-mouthed kiss on her warm skin. She tasted salty and sweet, like chocolate covered strawberries.

“I am pretty good aren’t I?” He chuckled. “Want to try for a world record, Sweetheart?”

She tensed underneath him and didn’t respond. Finally opening his eyes, he glanced up to see her own eyes were closed and her lips had tightened. He rolled off her and sat up. Oh God, had he done something wrong?

“Are – are you okay? Did I hurt you?” He tried to keep the panic from his voice. He hadn’t even thought – was he supposed to do something after having sex? She didn’t seem hurt, surely he would have felt her pain if she was. Then he remembered he couldn’t feel anything from her. But she didn’t look distressed. Maybe… He didn’t know what to think.

She opened her eyes and turned to face him, calm but serious. “Don’t call me that.”

Confused, he frowned. “What?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart. I hate that.”

Was she upset with him? “Okay…”

Her eyes swept down his body and he suddenly realized he was very naked. His hand twitched, wanting to grab a pillow to cover himself. Which was absurd. He wasn’t ashamed of his body, he knew he looked good. He had great genetics and he worked out. He also knew that she’d enjoyed the sex. So what.the.fuck?

“I’m not mad at you Kieran. It’s just, in my line of work, terms of endearment aren’t always used as terms of endearment.”

“Oh.” Of course. The relief that rushed through him was almost palpable.“I’m sorry, I didn’t think. But you’re okay, though? You aren’t hurt?”

“Hurt?” She laughed. “No. I’m surprised but I’m not hurt.”

He wanted to touch her, he wanted to have sex again or maybe just be with her like he was a few minutes ago, wrapped around her body, but she’d closed up and he didn’t feel welcome anymore. She was naked on a bed with him after having amazing sex with him but she was a million miles away.

Kieran spent years reading people, noticing body language, tone of voice, things they meant regardless of what was being said. So even though he couldn’t feel anything, he could tell she wanted to be alone.

“I have to be home soon. Could I use your bathroom?” He kept his voice neutral, his gaze on her face. He could be emotionless too.

She glanced up at him. “You’re a bad liar.”

“Am I?” He was an excellent liar but he’d hoped he wouldn’t have to be, not with her. Maybe he’d been wrong about her or maybe he’d fucked up so bad she was thinking she’d been wrong about him. Only she was too nice to say anything. God, he hoped he hadn’t done anything to fuck this up!

She frowned a little, her eyes tracking his, trying to read him. “Maybe not,” she said softly. She looked towards the door across from the bed. “Bathroom is through those doors.”

As he rose, she called out to him. “Kieran?”

He turned, still wary. “Yeah?”

“Thank you for tonight.” She glanced out her window. “Or morning. It really was amazing. You’re really, uh, amazing.” She sat up and smiled a little. “I’m happy you shared this with me.”

And just like that, she’d thawed. Kieran was grateful; it meant he hadn’t done something wrong. He didn’t have much experience with the whole dating thing and he liked her. A lot. He really wanted this to work out. “Thank you for being…patient?”

She laughed and got off the bed to walk over to him. “Did you still want to try for that world record, Kieran?”

He’d heard his name hundreds of thousands of times before but when she said it in that tone… His response was immediately and unequivocal. “Shower?”


Happy Holidays from Ainsley, Rosalie, Maya and Dre London

Hello, so I am fast forwarding a few years now so we can add the appropriate children to the London clan. When I did my 20K photo shoot, some of you noticed a second set of twins jumping around in some of the photos. Well, here is their first family picture ever.

Maya got caught talking to Dre. Oops! Say hi to Rosalie and Ainsley London, born December 25th. Rosalie is a derivative of the family name Rose and Ainsley is named after her grandmother. Rosalie’s little, outstretched arm is giving me all the feels!!

For the short story about the twin’s birth, you can read it on my simblr!

specialdeliverylogo(And then you can come back here and tell me what you think!!)

Mini Holiday Photoshoot

I posted this over at my simblr but thought it would be cute to share here. Some photos I took for the holidays. I especially liked Tony’s family photo, it was cute and way more relaxed than their usual stiff poses. Without further ado:

Left to right: Eva Louise Torres-London King, Matias King, Stephanie Magdalena Zenteri King, and Alistair Kieran Torres-London Zenteri King

Maya Charles-London and Andrei Heron London

Left to right: Riley MacKenzie London, Grace MacKenzie London, Anthony Jacob London, and Emma Paige London

Back Left to right: Emma Paige London, Alistair Kieran Torres-London Zenteri King, and Grace MacKenzie London

Front: Stephanie Magdalena Zenteri King

Sessions: One Life

Kieran was a virgin when we met. Even now I find that a hard thing to believe. I should have guessed maybe, but he’d always seemed so self-aware. He didn’t even tell me until it was almost too late.

If I’d known, I would have seduced him a little, made it special. As it was, there wasn’t much of a mood and it was quick, a little rough, very perfunctory. But I can’t blame him, it was his first time.

Are you satisfied with your sex life?

Right now? We barely have one. But in the beginning it was good. He was willing to learn and pregnancy does something to your libido…there was a lot of sex in the beginning.

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Sessions: Habits

There was this guy, Mikey. He used to come by a lot before Kieran. He would pay for a private dance with me and he was so creepy. Whenever I would begin to dance, he would touch himself.

Your boss let him do that?

Mikey paid extra.

I’d become too spoiled with Kieran, I’d forgotten for a while that this was the real reason men went to a place like that. It wasn’t for my skill as a conversationalist but because I’m moderately pretty. These men could go there and relieve themselves and I would always be willing, always receptive. They could take their frustrations against the female population out on me; call me dirty, demeaning names, and I would let them.

And for the few that could afford it, they would degrade me, like Mikey did. Objectify me and turn me into 3-D porn, and I would smile and dance through it all.

And thank God for the dancing. Before I came to this town, I’d been with the Roaring Heights Academy of Dance. If it hadn’t been for the loss of monetary support from my grandmother, I’d have graduated. The stripping started out as a way of earning money but I couldn’t go back to school every morning knowing what I’d done the previous night, what I’d be doing later.

Before Mikey left that one night, he told me he was getting tired of coming in his hand, that one day we would go on a real date. Mikey is…persistent.

Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Character Spotlight: Eden Luck

Eden Luck

Full name: Eden Mathew Luck

Birthday: May 14, 2062

Age: 20

Occupation: Fencing

Current Location: Moonlight Falls

Misc. Information Important to the Story:

Sessions: Introductions

When we first met, Kieran would come to the club so often that my boss thought he was trying to, you know, sleep with me. I remember asking for some time off to go visit with my mother and Jimmy, my boss, asked me if I’d told Kieran. You can imagine my frustration. I couldn’t even get a day off without his permission!

I didn’t complain though because as annoying as that was, he was also a godsend. I didn’t have to work as much or see as many people now that he was coming around. I brought in more money in the few hours that I worked than any of the other girls.

Kieran wanted me and he was willing to pay for it.

I just wish I’d realized what that meant back then…

What do you mean?

What? Oh, nothing. I didn’t mean anything.

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