The Sphinx

This was my non-entry for KLB’s September Caption the Picture: Extended Edition.

Chan Xin is the mother of Sun Muñoz, the adopted daughter of Louise Muñoz. Louise is Antonio’s cousin.

It must be done. Chan Xin set off toward the pyramid, squinting but not looking away when a sudden whirlwind of sand blew around her body. They knew she was here. That would make it easier. Even though the sun beating down overhead felt as if flaming tendrils were trying to find the their way into her skull, she kept going.

Finally she reached the Sphinx and looking up up up towards her majestic head, she sighed. It was almost done. She sat crossed leg on the scorching sand and tried to calm her ragged breathing. She needed her full concentration if this was going to work. So she couldn’t let anything distract her; not the lizard laying in the shade of one of Sphinx’s great paws or the carrion birds gliding overhead, or the cactus plant that was soaking up the last of the water to her far right. Or…or of Sun’s beautiful smiling face the last time she held her. Chan knew that was the last time she would see her and prayed her daughter would be safe after this was done.

It was cruel of her mind to conjure up that image when she needed to focus. She needed to clear her brain of the plethora of information and memories her senses were trying to send to her.

When the sun started to set and the dusky rose hit the top of the pyramid, she closed her eyes and breathed. One long breath in, one out.


When the world paused on its axis, waiting for her to exhale, she felt it. It started in the tips of her extremities – the tips of her toes and fingers. Her eyelids started blinking rapidly, all the energy and power – all of herself – coalesced in the pit of her stomach, the very center of the bundle of atoms that made up her body and exploded outward.

When that power, that magic, reached the door of the pyramid, the Sphinx opened her eyes and with a huge breath, opened up her doors.

Gerard looked down at the body of the woman they had “encouraged” into opening the door by kidnapping her son – daughter? He couldn’t remember – and walked past her into the pyramid.

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