Generation 3 Reading in Chronological Order

T=Touched by Fae
R=The Reaping

R.1: A Ghost Story
T.P: Prologue
R.2: Parentheses
E.P: Prologue
T.1: Alistair
T.2: Mine
T.3: The Kings
T.4: “I’m So Happy”
R.3: 100 Years
R.4: Video Games
T.5: Pursuit of Happiness
R.5: My Fault
E.1: Sail
E.2: Let Her Go
E.3: Life
E. 4: Say You Like Me
E.5: Through the Dark
T.6: Breath of Life
T.7: Don’t You Worry
R.6: Radioactive
E.6: Heartlines
E.7: What the Water Gave Me
R.7: So Easily
R.8: Ego
T.8: Betrayal
T.9: Seduced
E.8: Too Young
R.9: Fallen
E.9: The Funeral
R.10: Wake Me Up
E.10: Drown Out
T.10: Apologize
R.11: Bravado
T.11: Running Up that Hill
T.12: Jar of Hearts
T.E: Matt’s Epilogue, Part I
R.12: Sanguine Part I
R.13: Sanguine Part II
T.E: Matt’s Epilogue, Part II
T.E: Epilogue: Come Close
E.11: Am I Wrong
E.12: All of Me
E.13: I Will Never Let You Down
E.14: Epilogue