Sessions: Little Do They Know

I went after him, ready to tell him everything. He loved me. He would forgive me and I would be a better wife. I would quit. I would never let Mikey touch me again.

I saw him flirting with some bartender and that’s when I knew. He didn’t love me. Perhaps he never had. I stood there watching them and tried to think of the last time Kieran told me he loved me.

Never. Not once.

But surely, I thought, when the boy was born. He must have said it then. But no, he’d said, “Thank you for our son, love.” That is not the same as saying I love you. My mind went further back, to our wedding, to when he proposed. He’d said the vows, “to love and to keep,” he’d said we could be happy, but never that he loved me.

All this time, I thought I was the weak link, that I was the problem. I can’t believe I got this so wrong.

The tears began to fall and Henry reached over to try and console her.

Chapter ElevenSessions

12 thoughts on “Sessions: Little Do They Know

  1. violincat says:

    Oh boy! Somehow I thought there would be something between her and the counselor. After all, she is in a vulnerable state of mind and he’s this savior. Or that’s how it seems to her.


  2. TheSimeater says:

    Uh oh……I feel so sorry for her 😦 I do kinda understand the whole ‘saviour’ thing, but surely this is just a spiders web getting bigger and bigger!
    It’ll be interesting to see where this leads, great chapter, love how you’ve written it, short and punchy 🙂


  3. rebornmonster says:

    Well… That’s inappropriate… But GOOD FOR YOU SWEETHEART!

    Damn it Kieran. I wish you’d never married her. You and your “what you should do” shit… It really just set you both up for heartbreak. She was right all along, but you were too stubborn to hear it.

    And now what? You have to stay married for the kids – or for whatever reason – and continue this bullshit. It’d be better for them that you break up when their young. Don’t lie to them…

    God, and the little girl…
    Fuck. I hope Cynthia never finds out… Because I have a sense that she’s not the daughter Kieran’s waiting for either…


    • Taina says:

      SO inappropriate! lol
      I wonder if some marriages really are like this. You try to do the right thing but end up ruining both your lives.

      I should have named this gen, “The Secrets we tell.”

      Thank you for reading and commenting! You are the bee’s knees!


      • rebornmonster says:

        I’m sure there are – marriages like this, I mean.

        You should name the Lorde sub-chapters that! “The Secrets We Tell.”
        Not that Lorde is the only one with secrets – but you know…

        Wait – you mean I’m the only one who confusingly takes the sub-chapters out of order and gives them their own titles? lmao. Wonder why that is? ;P


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