Sessions: Coming Home

It’s so empty and quiet downstairs.

I had to reschedule your appointment for later than usual. You’re my last patient for the day.

I kind of like it. It feels like we’re the only people left in the world.

You seem different today. What’s been happening?

Do I? I guess it’s because I’m going back to work. I’m a little nervous but it feels good to leave the house for something other than doctors’ appointments.

No offense.

None taken.

Anyway, Kieran is a little upset but I can’t worry about that, can I? This is who I was when he met me, I can’t just drop everything because he married me and I had his child. I want to at least try to get my life back and I think being around people and doing some of the things I used to will help. Staying home isn’t.

It feels like I can finally breathe! I’m going to the club right after this session, actually.

It’s nice to see you so happy.

It’s nice to feel so happy.

Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven

8 thoughts on “Sessions: Coming Home

  1. LilyParker says:

    Lorde’s really happy about going back to the club. Huh. She didn’t seem to be all that happy about being there when Kieran met her, but maybe I misunderstood. Is it a power thing — exerting her independence from Kieran and feeling the power of knowing her male audience desires her? Clearly, her fight with Kieran doesn’t bother her in the least. (Love the outfit, btw.)


    • Taina says:

      I feel like most of your questions are answered in the next chapter, so I’m hesitant to answer them lol

      But I will try my best:

      Lorde is happy to go back to what feels normal for her. She liked her life before they met and she never thought he’d be a long term thing. So… yeah.

      These sessions are not in chronological order. Not with the story chapters nor each other. So, really, two or three of these “sessions” could be one visit just paced out. Or the subject matter she’s discussing might not have happened after the events of the story chapter. It just fit, so I placed it there. Does that make sense?

      (And thank you! She’s made a few concessions now that she’s a married woman and all.)

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  2. TheSimeater says:

    I love the screenshot, really fits her character well! I have very mixed feelings for her, I’m kinda mad that she just walked away n’ stuff, but I can also understand her need for sanity! Maybe she could get a less demeaning job which would empower her as a woman AND allow her to see her kid…perhaps Kieran should be encouraging her in that rather than just wanting her to stay at home…

    Great story, as you can see it’s got me thinking 😉


    • Taina says:

      Thank you very much!

      I have mixed feelings about her too. Her character was very black and white to me. I knew exactly what role she needed to play. But as I write her, she’s evolving. She’s much more complicated and therefore frustrating.

      Kieran is by no means the good guy in this story. He does eventually start an affair, right? He hasn’t handled the situation very well, that’s for sure!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the story! I hope it continues to keep you on your toes. AHHH!!!

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      • TheSimeater says:

        I love that, when characters take on a life of their own, by far one of the most exciting things about writing right?! Love it 😀
        I like that your characters aren’t just straight forward, so much more realistic! Keep em coming, I’m enjoying it 🙂

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