Mini Holiday Photoshoot

I posted this over at my simblr but thought it would be cute to share here. Some photos I took for the holidays. I especially liked Tony’s family photo, it was cute and way more relaxed than their usual stiff poses. Without further ado:

Left to right: Eva Louise Torres-London King, Matias King, Stephanie Magdalena Zenteri King, and Alistair Kieran Torres-London Zenteri King

Maya Charles-London and Andrei Heron London

Left to right: Riley MacKenzie London, Grace MacKenzie London, Anthony Jacob London, and Emma Paige London

Back Left to right: Emma Paige London, Alistair Kieran Torres-London Zenteri King, and Grace MacKenzie London

Front: Stephanie Magdalena Zenteri King

6 thoughts on “Mini Holiday Photoshoot

  1. LilyParker says:

    Thanks for sharing more great pics! I agree with you — LOVE the one with Tony, Riley & the kids. Just adorable! I think it really highlights their personalities. I see Dre & Maya found some mistletoe — real or imaginary — those lovebirds. ♥

    Gah — I need to find more poses. The vast majority of mine are for couples. It’d be fun to use some with the kiddos every now & then. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Taina says:

      As I’m looking through the photos, Alistair should probably be in there with Lorde and Colin as a seperate family but I didn’t have them on hand. Oh wellz! For Easter, maybe.

      And yes to Tony and Riley and Emma and Grace (oh and Apollo, the dog. Remember Tony wanted a dog. Together there names spells GREAT. lol, I’m such a cornball!!)

      Dre and Maya are always kissing. Even in the group shot he was staring at her, sending “I’m going to kiss you now” vibes to her. It’s their first Christmas together. EVER. So you can imagine…

      And as for poses. You will not believe the trouble I went through to get these! There are a few really great children poses but family group shots for all ages. NOPE. Try finding a standing pose set that includes both parents, adult, teen and child-aged children. For Eva, Matt, Steph and Al, they are all different poses smushed together. The one for Tony, that’s the babysitting pose by…someone. I’m tell you in a minute. lol

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      • LilyParker says:

        Speaking of cornballs, you can’t have a sentence with Tony and GREAT without me hearing the cereal commercial in my head with Tony the Tiger saying Frosted Flakes taste Grrrrrrreat! I probably shouldn’t admit to being this old. LOL.

        Ooh … I’d love to know the name of that babysitting pose. If you can’t find it, I’ll search for it later. Thanks!

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