20k Photoshoot

Back left to right: Alistair King, Stephanie King, Anthony London

On the Couch left to right: Eva King, Matias King, Grace London, Ainsley London, Riley London

Front left to right: Rosalie London, Andrei London, Maya London, Emma London

Left to right: Maya and Andrei London, Eva and Matias King, Riley and Anthony London

Sawyer-London Family

Riley and Anthony London

The London Men

London-King Family

Eva and Matias King

The London Women

Charles-London Family

Maya and Andrei London

Generation Four

9 thoughts on “20k Photoshoot

  1. LilyParker says:

    Great job with the photos, as always! You have great subject matter to work with, and you always dress them so well.

    If you didn’t caption the photos, I’d still have a hard time picking out Eva because of her ever-changing hairstyles & haircolor. She’s such a little witch. 😉 LOL.

    Of course, our sweet Anthony must be dressed in all black. Pastels just won’t do for our Goth guy. Why fit in when you can stand out?

    So, Dre and Maya get to have babies?!? Ainsley and Rosalie are cutie-pies. Dre often talked about how Maya would’ve been a great mother. He made it sound like it wasn’t going to happen for them.


    • Taina says:

      So, as I was dressing Anthony this bit of dialogue popped into my head:

      “You said dress for a photo shoot, like the one we did with mom and dad.” Tony frowned at his brother, a bit annoyed.

      “Yes and we all wore white…remember?” Dre was just as annoyed. Leave it to Tony to be the odd man out. “I mean, the rest of your family is dressed appropriately, why aren’t you?”

      “I don’t own any white clothes.”

      Frustrated, Dre turned to Riley. “Seriously?”

      Riley shrugged. “Not even white socks. It’s a thing, apparently.” He smiled at Tony, reaching over to smooth out the wrinkle between Tony’s eyebrows. “It’s okay babe.”

      Maya walked over and wrapped her arms around Dre, “Hey, not a big deal, Kieran isn’t wearing white either.”

      Dre growled. “Really? Come on! I asked for one thing and one thing only. It’s really that difficult?”

      Maya rubbed a hand across his back soothingly. “Dre, calm down. Not a big deal, okay?” She stared at him until he stopped growling.

      He nodded, feeling oddly deflated all of a sudden, he’d just wanted this one thing…

      Tony placed a hand on his shoulder. “I am sorry, Andrei.”

      Dre shrugged, his anger gone as quickly as it had come. “Don’t worry about it, Tony. We’ll put you in the back or something.”

      Maya turned her face into Dre’s other shoulder to hide her smile and Riley took Tony’s hand and started to drag him away before Tony could respond.

      End scene.

      Dre and Maya have babies, I’ll mention it in the next gen but Brian Gates offered them a spot in the trials that helped Tony and Riley have the girls. Maya cannot have children, she doesn’t produce eggs and so doesn’t ovulate and it’s highly unlikely she would be able to carry a child to term. They used a surrogate.

      2 things were learned: 1) All pregnancies done this way produce 2 viable options. And 2) They are always girls. Grant was an anomaly which corrected itself because all other babies born this way have been twin girls. (This would have been a story arc had Gracie been chosen.)

      Thank you about the photos. I had some more but I felt bad. I had one of Gracie and Emma but didn’t want to use it but not put one up of Ainsley and Rosalie or Al and Steph…gotta be fair!


      • LilyParker says:

        Great scene. It made perfect sense to me that Tony would be dressed in black. BTW, I love when Dre growls and Riley smooths out the wrinkles between Tony’s eyebrows when he’s upset. 😀

        How very exciting about the babies! I didn’t know it was a repeatable process. WTG, Dr. Gates!


    • Taina says:

      Thank you!!

      And I want to say thank you for commenting and the feedback and for questioning why I write what I do. It really does help me flesh out my characters to think beyond what I want to happen and forces me to really think about what really happens! (There are always three sides to every story. Mine, yours and the truth.)


  2. sandybeachgirl2 says:

    Oh I can just see that conversation happening between all of them too! Love the photoshoot! I’m having withdrawal from this story though. I know you’re working on it, but I’m a little impatient so see gen. 4! 😀


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