Deleted Riley scene from Chapter 5

Author’s note: While I write these two long Eva chapters, here’s a deleted scene from Tony’s last chapter.

Riley walked out the front door of the strip club and took a deep breath. If he was being honest with himself, he was glad Tony had said something. He’d found himself watching his friend more than the strippers; something that had begun to happen more often than he liked.

He’d known Tony for eight years and the ghost thing aside, the man had always fascinated him. He was the reason Riley had gone into engineering. Dre and Tony were always building things when they were younger. More times than not, he’d been dragged along to find the parts Tony needed for his inventions. While Dre did most of the searching, he and Tony would sit and figure out how each new discovery could be re-purposed. They’d made a good team. Tony would come up with an idea, Dre would go looking for the right parts and he would put it together.

It was Connor, the twins’ father that got him into the advanced engineering program at APU. It was also his recommendation that had landed him this job at uGenex. Riley suspected part of Connor’s motivation was so someone could keep an eye on Tony. And he’d definitely been doing that, a little too much actually.

They made it to the lounge without speaking to each other. He didn’t know what went down with Tony and Franco, but he did know they weren’t together anymore and that Tony had taken it really hard. Riley had tried this last year to make Tony better, to get their friendship back on track. He hadn’t expected to start feelings things. Oh, who was he kidding.  Had I ever stopped feeling things?

4 thoughts on “Deleted Riley scene from Chapter 5

    • Taina says:

      Thank you!! I was going to add it to the chapter, but we weren’t in his POV anymore and I felt it gave too much away, but the detectives that read this story figured it out anyway! lol


      • iamciane says:

        I thought you did weave most of that into the fabric of the previous chapter(s). We might have been missing some of Riley’s actual thoughts, but you, the talented writer that you are, let those thoughts come through in actions really. They do make a nice addition. 😀 One can always speculate through the main character’s questioning of the support character’s feelings, but I do so love to see the story progress through alternating prospectives. Thank you so much for sharing with us your creative genius.


        • Taina says:

          Thanks ciane, that is very kind of you to say. You may find some of this text or similar wording in other parts of the story, since technically it’s a deleted scene. I just had it written and wanted to share…since I’m so stuck on them currently. I do have about 6 written pages for Eva though. So sometime this weekend. New chapter! Yay!


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